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Parents! We’re excited to announce that we’ll be using LivingTree to stay engaged and connected as a community. LivingTree is a private and secure network that allows two-way sharing (messages, photos, files, events, volunteering) within each class; and it will serve as your one-stop-location for all school and class information pertaining to your family. You’ll be hearing a lot more about LivingTree soon. Once you receive instructions on connecting to our private network, be sure to download the free mobile app to easily access (or share!) information wherever you are! (Available soon after January 17th)

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Our Parent Involvement Policy

  Venice Park Parental Involvement Policy

Download Here: 2016-2017 VP Parental Involvement Policy 

The faculty and staff at Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. School Complex (Including Venice Park School) promote and encourage Parental Involvement to assist in meeting student needs in all phases of the educational process. This policy has been jointly developed with parents to establish the expectations for parent involvement described as below. Ongoing opportunities for such involvement will arise throughout the school year for interested parties to participate and/or be informed. The Parent Involvement Plan will be reviewed annually and revised as necessary. We appreciate any suggestions that you may have to better our Communication and Parental Involvement processes (see Part One and Part Two below).



  • Open House is held at the beginning of school year. This event gives parents the opportunity to meet their child’s teacher(s), learn about the curriculum used in the classroom, forms of assessment used to measure student progress, and after-school programs for students and parents, etc.
  • Interim report cards will be sent home to inform parents of progress, or lack of, before final report cards are sent home.
  • Notices will be sent home to inform parents of special student recognitions and upcoming events and activities, and early dismissals, etc.
  • The school web site will be kept up to date with current school news informing parents of activities, cafeteria menus, classroom news, and much more.
  • Published news articles, in our district newsletter, will keep parents informed of successes and upcoming activities.
  • A scheduled Parent/Teacher Conference will be held annually and upon parent request for communication between parent and teacher on student progress. The school-parent compact is jointly discussed as it relates to the child’s current achievement. Provisions will be made to provide flexible scheduling opportunities for parents who have possible conflicts to arise.
  • A School-Parent compact will be distributed to each child annually to outline the commitment and learning expectations for all key stakeholders.
  • A student/parent handbook is designed and published annually to provide information concerning school policies and procedures, academic guidelines, notification of our written school level parent involvement plan, current school calendar, and extracurricular schedule of events, etc.


Parental Involvement:

  • Our PAC, Parent Advisory Council, meets monthly to strengthen our partnership in developing a stronger educational facility for all students and parents.
  • We promote parent volunteers with our annual Book Fairs, Media Center, Extracurricular Activities, etc.
  • Parents are invited into classrooms to read stories, discuss careers, share cultures/customs, etc.
  • Parents are encouraged to actively participate with school personnel in an annual meeting to review/revise the school policy, parental involvement plan, school-parent compact, participation in the School-wide Title I program, and interpretation of state assessment results.
  • Parents are given opportunities through our Title I Parent Resource Center
    • to receive training and/or learning materials to work with their children to improve academic achievement
    • to attend day and night parent/adult classes in wrap-around service resources, computers, GED, and ESL
  • A transition plan involving orientation is implemented for parents and students to assist in the adjustment of pre-school to kindergarten and middle school to the high school level.

Our Parent Compact

 Venice Park Parent Compact

Download Here: MLK VP Parent Compact 2016-2017 

School-Parent Compact

This compact is to promote a positive school-parent relationship to assist all students in achieving high academic standards.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. School Complex (Including Venice Park School) is committed to the development of the whole child-physically, mentally and emotionally.  We shall establish a safe orderly, caring and attractive educational environment in which our students will learn to function productively and cooperatively in a diverse society and world.  Learning shall be meaningful:  it shall actively involve students in acquiring and applying academic skills.  The commitments requested in this compact are voluntary and in no way legally binding. 

As a parent/guardian, I                                , will strive to;

  • Be totally committed to assist in the academic advancement of my child.
  • Have my child in school on time, in uniform, well rested and prepared with the tools necessary to complete assignments.
  • Support my child by showing interest and helping my child with home work.
  • Create a professional relationship with my child’s teacher.
  • Attend the School’s Parent Advisory Council Meeting and District-Wide Parent Advisory Council Meetings.
  • Help my child to resolve conflicts in a positive and non-violent ways.
  • Encourage my child to be respectful at all times and follow rules/regulation.

Signature                                                       Date         /    /         

As a student, I                       , will strive to;

  • Work hard and be responsible for my actions.
  • Do my class work and complete my homework.
  • Respect other students, staff, the school and follow rules/regulations.
  • Comply with the Code of Conduct.
  • Come to school in uniform, on time, prepared and eager to succeed.
  • Refrain from participating in any form of bullying (physical, verbal, cyber, etc.)
  • Report all instances of bullying.
  • Ignore childish and disrespectful peers.
  • Get good grades and study hard.
  • Remember that I am a student with a dream and I am a student with a future.

Signature                                                  Date         /    /     

School-Parent Compact

As a teacher, I                         , will strive to;

  • Help each child reach their potential by instructing students according to the I.E.P. (if applicable).
  • Help each child become a life long learner.
  • Help to develop character.
  • Provide a safe classroom environment that is conducive for the child’s learning and growth.
  • Communicate with parents including positive feed back as well (strength & weaknesses).
  • Ensure and encourage students to maintain adequate yearly progress.
  • Challenge to expand cultural, social and intellectual experiences.
  • Give a child a fresh start every day/ every year and encourage self motivation.
  • Promote the school as a community of diverse individuals charged with creating productive citizens.
  • Attend professional development workshops and classes to strengthen teaching practices.
  • Welcome community support.

Signature                                        Date         /    /        

As a principal, I support this form of parent involvement.  Therefore, I will strive to do the following:

  • Provide an environment that allows for positive communications between the teacher, parent and student.
  • Encourage teachers to regularly provide homework assignments that will reinforce classroom instruction.
  • Provide opportunities for parents to be involved in the school and in their child’s education.

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